Tag: UI

  • Arcules Localization for Japan

    Arcules Localization for Japan

    Led the team on the localization of our web portal to Japanese. This was done in anticipation to present a demo to our parent company (Canon) in Japan.

  • Word & Brown Roadshow

    Word & Brown Roadshow

    While contracting at Word & Brown, I built this landing page for the company “Roadshow”.

  • Strokeholdings


    Built an eCommerce website for strokeholdings.com The artist Dante Orpilla designed the website using Sketch App. I adapted the designs for iPad and Mobile.

  • Word & Brown – Brokers

    Word & Brown – Brokers

    Developed the pages for the 5 Broker persona campaign, which had a page dedicated to each of the type of insurance brokers that would be visiting the site. Built the following pages

  • Word & Brown – Future Broker Blog

    Word & Brown – Future Broker Blog

    Implemented a secondary blog for the targeted audience of aspiring brokers. As part of the UX team, I Personally created the original wireframes for the blog landing page and the single page. After our designers created the finished assets I then implemented the design within WordPress. Also assisted the marketing department with SEO strategy in…

  • Entrepreneur


    Implementation of 2017 redesign of entrepreneur.com. Built the original version of the main jumbotron of article page which was adopted for the rest of the site including the homepage. Worked on the build from tablet to very large screens. Based on the original XD file from their designer I created the slider functionality and it’s…

  • Word & Brown Companies Career Pages

    Word & Brown Companies Career Pages

    While working for Word & Brown as a contractor, I rebuilt their career pages. Video Demo Legacy Website Their legacy site was built on the .NET framework and was not responsive. Updated Pages Here is an example of their updated career pages. This below is the page shown on iPad. Below is a screenshot of…

  • wbcompanies.com


    Redesign of Word & Brown’s main website – 2016 www.wbcompanies.com As part of a campaign to modernize the main website of the Word & Brown companies I was brought on as the frontend developer. I advised on mobile User Experience and built the new pages on a custom WordPress theme. Updated Homepage Legacy Website The…

  • BruxZir


    While working at Glidewell Dental I implemented the redesign of the bruxzir.com website to make it responsive. To start, I performed a content audit of the pages. This included mapping out the pages, taking inventory of text, photos, downloadable documents, links (and inspecting them for accuracy).  Legacy Website They previously had a fixed width version for…

  • IOS Technologies

    IOS Technologies

    While working at Glidewell Dental, I designed the mobile experience and implemented the responsive website for IOS Technologies. Product Page The goal here was to show as much relevant information about the product when landing on the mobile product pages. Upon landing here you see the navigation, title, description, and an image of the product.…