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  • Toyota – Review Offers

    Toyota – Review Offers

    While working on the I worked on the user interface of an internal tool used by dealerships to review their upcoming offers. This project was built with ReactJS, TypeScript, etc. I used vanilla JavaScript for the sorting options.

  • Iberian Hacker

    Iberian Hacker

    Concept for a Spanish Hacker. Based on a character I modified in the game SecondLife, sometime around 2009. But adapted it to have more Spanish features. Setting will be post-apocalyptic. His base is an old warehouse. Based on how in SecondLife I previously rented an auto repair shop on a post-apocalyptic themed sim.

  • Cyberpunk Hijabi in Mexico

    Cyberpunk Hijabi in Mexico

    AI generated portrait of a Muslim hijabi in cyberpunk Mexico.

  • Cyberpunk Hijabi in Beirut

    Cyberpunk Hijabi in Beirut

    AI generated portrait of an Lebanese female Muslim in a cyberpunk future.

  • Cyberpunk Roman Soldier

    Cyberpunk Roman Soldier

    Visualizing what a solider would look like in a cyberpunk future if the Roman Empire survived. Here the armor is based on an appreciation for leather and gold tones.

  • Cyberpunk Hijabi

    Cyberpunk Hijabi

    AI generated concepts for a female Muslim in a cyberpunk future.

  • Toyota – Accessibility Testing

    Toyota – Accessibility Testing

    While working on I performed frequent accessibility testing to update and make consistent improvements of both our existing site and upcoming features. As part of our duties, I would run tests like these to identify issues, write the tickets up in Jira, and work on them in the upcoming sprints.

  • Arcules Localization for Japan

    Arcules Localization for Japan

    Led the team on the localization of our web portal to Japanese. This was done in anticipation to present a demo to our parent company (Canon) in Japan.

  • Arcules Authentication

    Arcules Authentication

    Led a team of 4 that implemented the authentication. In addition to coding, I helped with UX design of the layout and flow since we were short on designers. We completed everything from user signup, logins, and password recovery.

  • 3D Print of Skeletor

    3D Print of Skeletor

    Skeletor from He-man and the Masters of the Universe. Now doing some finishing by smoothing it out