How To View Scheduled Posts on X?

Instructions are good as of June 25, 2024 when editing from the browser.

From the Home page or anywhere that has the left sidebar, click on the “POST” button.

In the modal, click the calendar icon, which says “schedule” when you hover on it.

On the bottom left side, click on “Scheduled posts”

This will show you the posts that you have scheduled.

The date for the scheduled post is at the top. You can make other edits here before the posts goes out.

TLDR: To go directly to the url where you can view

As of current writing on June 25, 2024 the answer is hidden elsewhere. Hence why I wrote the above.

  • Google search prioritizes old answers including one on Reddit (closed and unanswered) thread.
  • ChatGPT does circular guessing despite having uploaded a screenshot showing it that the options do not exist.
  • Claude also has an outdated set of instructions based on previous Twitter user interface.