While working at Glidewell Dental I implemented the redesign of the website to make it responsive.

To start, I performed a content audit of the pages. This included mapping out the pages, taking inventory of text, photos, downloadable documents, links (and inspecting them for accuracy). 

Legacy Website

They previously had a fixed width version for desktop and a mobile website.

Legacy website, Desktop version

The page required a lot of zooming while being viewed on a tablet. That was factored in when designing the navigational elements.

Before and After – Mobile

Legacy Mobile website
Updated website is responsive and the content can now live in one place.

Updated Website

The page structure was originally going to be preserved. Then we realized the amount of content that would be filled into them with new products. Additionally, for SEO purposes we broke them down into product pages. These pages needed to be quickly accessed, so I added them to the footer.

While I personally love the more colorful icons, the current standard tends to be text links. So here in the new experience I advised to focus on the main visitors to direct them to their experience. The other links on the left are now stacked on the page down to the footer as well.


I made the links descriptive so that users could locate where to go based on actions such as, “find a lab” but could find products bas on categories.

I was really impressed by the product as I watched the videos that we shot in our studio. It showed competitors crowns being broken to pieces with a hammer. Ours however was just driven into the wood, but remaining intact. So i suggested that we emphasize that video. I designed this section so that when you click on the play icon, a modal screens displays that video.

I added the video to every page. Accessible from the footer. It is a very impressive video of the quality of the material in the product. So I wanted to make sure that no one left the site without watching this and leaving with lasting memory and emotion of strength.


Usually when a user is scrolling to the bottom of the page they are looking for something. So I made sure to add a link to the sitemap to efficiently direct a visitor.

Sitemap page

The Sitemap page was left very plain on purpose to that it would not distract, and the user can go the direct link they need to complete their intended action.