* took down the old site and the content that i set up in college
* I have a full time job so it will be slow to update this site.
* will be adding a few things to the blog here and there mostly related to interests

Yes I know how to code
Stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/users/1120027/jgallardo
github: https://github.com/JGallardo

portfolio: https://www.behance.net/jgallardo
dribbble: https://dribbble.com/jgallardo

if you came to read about me, here are a few basics
* I started my career as a communications electronics technician in the Marine Corps. As a hobby I bought a couple of domains which peaked my interests in web development.
* After I was honorably discharged I got into commercial real estate (the RE market was good and there was little demand for hardware techs). I was in charge of the marketing as well since I liked shooting photos and editing layout. That peaked my interests in the coding of sites too, so i picked up some books on HTML and again began to code some small sites.
* During that time I was also renovating a house, I needed to communicate what it was that I wanted. So I learned 3D Modeling and because I was able to lead the project, i saved over $30k.
* I decided to go back to school and continue to grow in that direction. So I enrolled at DeVry to study Computer Information Systems.
* Built a lot of apps and sites for myself and others until I got hired as a contractor at Total Immersion where I worked on various iOS apps
* Later I joined Glidewell Laboratories where I was hired to do iOS and Web Development. The iOS projects ended up not getting approved as we went with web apps instead. I stayed on to do UX and Development.
* Now I work at Word & Brown where I do frontend web development