Word & Brown 2016 website redesign careers mobile by Juan Gallardo

Word & Brown website redesign

Development of the 2017 redesign of Word & Brown’s main website

As part of a campaign to modernize the main websites of the Word & Brown companies I was brought on as the frontend developer. I advised on mobile User Experience and built the new pages on a custom WordPress theme used on the site.

The previous site was running on legacy code built on .net

The client had mentioned that the biggest priority was the careers page.

The site was not responsive and they needed a way to have HR directly input links to the job listings, but the actual post would be hosted on another site. To fit this need, we created a custom post type for careers and the careers page would be dynamically populated.

Screenshot of job listings in Sales category. Screenshot taken on my Google Pixel.

Technologies Used

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Git
  • WordPress