• Entrepreneur – Content carousel

    Worked as a contractor to help Entrepreneur build their 2017 redesign. I was tasked with building the interfaces for the article and podcast pages. When building the carousel for the […]

  • Word & Brown – microsite for sponsored events

    Tasked with creating a landing page for sponsored events. Desktop design was done by a third party. I created tablet and mobile versions based on their design and then implemented […]

  • Word & Brown – Events feature

    Consolidated a legacy site into the main site as a feature. Simplified the process for the contributors, simplified the experience for the user, and increased traffic to the main site […]

  • Word & Brown 2016 website redesign careers mobile by Juan Gallardo Word & Brown website redesign

    Redesign of Word & Brown’s main website As part of a campaign to modernize the main websites of the Word & Brown companies I was brought on as the frontend […]

  • Screenshot of the product page for stroke holdings implemented by web developer Juan Gallardo Stroke Holdings – ecommerce – strokeholdings.com

    I built this project for my friend Danta Orpilla who is a designer at Reddit. His art has been getting a lot of attention and he wanted to have his […]

  • thumbnail of screenshot of the mobile website idbstories.com by Juan Gallardo Israel Discount Bank – idbstories.com

    The purpose of the website was to highlight some of the banks valued customers and share inspiration with others along with a few helpful nuggets of wisdom. The client was […]

  • Bruxzir Website Responsive Redesign

    My role was to update the website for BruxZir. They previously had a fixed width version for desktop and a mobile website. In addition to frontend development I also advised […]

  • Bruxzir – Blog – Built with Ruby on Rails

    The business problem was that the company was using a generic blogging engine that kept running into issues. I was tasked with creating our own system. I migrated our existing […]

  • Screenshot of responsive redesign for digitechlab Digitech Lab – Responsive redesign

    The project for Digitech Labs was initiated due to them not having a mobile version of their website. Also plenty of the content on the site was outdated including the […]

  • ios3d.com – Responsive redesign

    Dealers Page shown below. The site is for the manufacturer, and this page redirects visitors to the appropriate dealer to purchase the product. The business case solved here was getting […]